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Tests over State Board Rules and publications begin with the 9000 series.


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Article Number Title Author Ethics Credit

Considerations When Installing a Steam Conditioning Valve

Richard L. Jones, P.E.  

Chemical Batch Process Quality Management - Communications

Pierce Burns, P.E.  

Ethics - Easy to Argue About - Hard to Follow

John F. Busby Yes
0004 Hydraulic Power Systems Tom Cox, P.E.  
0005 Burner Management Systems Tom Cox, P.E.  

Ethical Considerations with Low-Lethality Weapons

Tom Cox, P.E. Yes

Interviewing – 10 Rules for Success

Adam Berg, P.E.

0008 Underground Line Cutting Safety

R. L. Langley, P.E.

0009 Hot Tap and Line Stops   Lindsey Lee, P.E.  

Standards – from Genesis to the WWW 

M. J. Sowers, P. E.  
0011 Accessibility Standards and the Professional Engineer Terry Dyson, PE  

General Overview of Air Permitting Requirements in the State of Texas (with Specific Guidance for Fiberglass Manufacturing Facilities)

Karen M. Bullard, P.E.  
0013 Design of a Slab-on-Grade Foundation with Conventional Reinforcement on Expansive Clay James A. Lacy, P.E.  

Procedure for conducting a Jurisdictional Allocation/Open Access audit of a regulated electric utility system

William J Cochran, P.E.  

Determining the Technical Feasibility of Firing Waste Solvent in an Existing Industrial or Commercial Boiler

 Jack L. Bullard, P.E.  

Design Guidelines for a Successful Steam Desuperheater Installation

Richard L. Jones, P.E.  

Startup of a New Chemical Process The Argument for Semi-commercial Production

Pierce Burns, P.E.  

Designing Extruded Plastic Profiles

Mike May, P.E.  

Engineering Ethics

Shelly S. Hattan, P.E


A Case for Radiant Barrier Systems – Cost Effective Thermal Management  

Michael J. Sowers, P.E.


Windstorm Design in Texas, When is it Required

Terry Dyson, P.E.

0022 Classification and Disposal of Lead Wastes Generated by the Circuit Board Manufacturing Industry in Texas Karen M. Bullard, P.E.  
0023 Estimation of Response Times Using a Three Function Weibull Distribution   Part 1 Dr. P. F. Packman and Dr. J. L. Packman  
0024 Estimation of Response Times Using a Three Function Weibull Distribution   Part 2 Dr. P. F. Packman and Dr. J. L. Packman  
0025 Estimation of Response Times Using a Three Function Weibull Distribution   Part 3 Dr. P. F. Packman and Dr. J. L. Packman  

Wood Structural Panel Box Headers

James A. Lacy, P.E.  


Unconventional Occupations for Engineers

R. L. Langley, P.E.  

Air Quality Permit Application Considerations for Skid-Mounted Amine Regeneration and Glycol Dehydration Units

Jack L. Bullard, P.E.  

Safety and Process Improvement Review Using Former Area Personnel

Test coming soon Pierce Burns, P.E.  

Comparison of Automatic Recirculation Valves With Conventional Bypass Recirculation Systems in Boiler Feedwater Applications

Richard L. Jones, P.E.  
0031 Calculating Ampacity in Small-Gauge, Electrical Cables

Test coming soon

Greig S. Latham, P.E.  
0032 Defining Stretch Blow Mold Bottle Formation Parameters Test coming soon Greig S. Latham, P.E.  
0033 Equipment and Processes Used at  “Cured in Place Pipe” (CIPP) Wetout Facilities Test coming soon Karen M. Bullard, P.E.  
0034 Movement of Shallow Concrete Slab-on-Grade Foundations

Terry Dyson, P.E.


 ACCA Manual D Spreadsheet Tool

Test coming soon

James A. Lacy, P.E.

0036 Crack Tip Displacement and the Fracture Process Test coming soon Dr. P. F. Packman  

An Engineer's View of Strategic Sourcing

R. L. Langley, P.E.  
0038 Texas State Air Quality Permitting Considerations For Construction of a Small Biodiesel Fuel Plant Test coming soon Jack L. Bullard, P.E.  
0039 General Overview Of The Design Of An Offshore Production Platform Test coming soon Kevin Foran, P.E.  
0040 Reductions in Styrene Emissions from the CFA/UEF Emission Model Karen M. Bullard, P.E.  
0041 Evaluation of a Coaxial Resonator Match for a Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Antenna James A. Lacy, P.E.  
0042 An Engineered Approach to ES&H Policy R. L. Langley, P.E.
0043 Facilities Data Acquisition and Management Considerations on Electric Distribution Systems Test coming soon

Kevin Perry, PE

0044 In-House vs. Contractor Considerations for GPS Based Field Inventories on Electric Distribution Systems Test coming soon

Kevin Perry, PE

0045 Considerations When Renewing an Environmental Air Quality Permit for a Small Diesel-Fired Electric Generator  Test coming soon Jack L. Bullard, P.E.
0046 The Ethics of Paying to be Published Test coming soon Tom Cox, P.E. Yes
0047 Urban Gas Drilling: New challenges in data security, physical security, monitoring and control Test coming soon Greig S. Latham, P.E
0048 Source Reduction and Waste Minimization Plan for a Fiberglass Manufacturing Facility Test coming soon Karen M. Bullard, P.E.
0049 Metrics for the Unmeasurable (Measuring Staff Performance) Test coming soon R. L. Langley, P.E
  0050 Air Qualitiy Permitting of a Fuel Ethanol Distribution Facility Test coming soon Jack L. Bullard, P.E.

Procedures for Generating Elevated Terrain Data for Industrial Source Complex Air Dispersion Modeling

Test coming soon Karen M. Bullard, P.E.
0052 An Engineered Approach to Reducing Overhead Costs Test coming soon R. L. Langley, P.E
0053 Notification and Reporting of an Air Emission Event in the State of TexasTest coming soon Jack L. Bullard, P.E.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Template for a Cured in Place Pipe Facility

Test coming soonKaren M. Bullard, P.E
0055R. L. Langley, P.E
0056Air Emission Sources from a Hot Mix Asphalt PlantJack L. Bullard, P.E.
 0057 Unique Hazardous Waste Issues Facing Fiberglass Manufacturers in Texas
Karen M. Bullard, P.E
0058A Measured Approach to Managing Abandoned Sites R.L. Langley, P.E.

 Survey of Air Emission Sources from Maintenance Activities at Bulk Storage Terminals  

Jack L. Bullard, P.E.
0060Solar Submersibles: Design considerations for a remote, multi-well installation  Greig S. Latham, P.E
0061Procedures for Proccessing Air Quality Monitoring Data to Obtain Background Concentrations for Use in NAAQS Analyses  Karen M. Bullard, P.E.
0062Technical and Contractual Considerations for Facility DismantlingR.L. Langley, P.E.
0063 Determination of the Cause of Water Hammer in Two Steam Pressure Letdown Stations  Richard L. Jones PE

Essential Elements of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for Fiberglass Manufacturers

Karen M. Bullard, P.E.

Considerations in Calculating Asset Retirement Obligations

R.L. Langley, P.E.
0066Environmental Regulation Considerations when Constructing a Process Heater in a Nonattainment AreaJack L. Bullard, P.E.
0067Basics of Surface Coating and Abrasive Blasting Emission CalculationsKaren M. Bullard, P.E.
0068Contractual Considerations for the Professional
R.L. Langley, P.E.
0069Regulatory Considerations for Plant ModificationsJack L. Bullard, P.E.
0070Maintaining Independent Contractor StatusR.L. Langley, P.E.
0071Your Article Could Be Here

9000 Texas Professional Engineer Conduct and Ethics (Updated 2013) Texas Engineering Practice Act and Rules Yes
9001  Consumer Information Regarding Texas Professional Engineers Texas Board of Professional Engineering  
9002  Rhode Island Code of Ethics Rhode Island Professional Engineer Board Yes
9003  Responsibility Rules for Engineers - Part 1 of 3 Florida Administrative Code Yes
9004  Responsibility Rules for Engineers - Part 2 of 3 Florida Administrative Code Yes
9005  Responsibility Rules for Engineers - Part 3 of 3 Florida Administrative Code Yes
9006  Professional Conduct Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Yes



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