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The Texas Audit Letter

We designed affordability into CEEJ Publishing.  For as little as $5.00 per PDH, you can acquire 10 PDH (in Texas).  The fee covers the initial reading of submittals, so none are refundable.


Submission does not guarantee publication.  You must follow the guidelines and present an acceptable article.  CEEJ Publishing does not edit your writing.


CEEJ Publishing endeavors to publish all accepted articles within a few days.  The end of each quarter will be our busiest, so please submit early and avoid the rush.




See below for a complete listing of fees and services.



Article Submission

Submit an Article $50.00 Fee covers the initial reading (non-refundable labor).  If accepted, the article will be e-published, and a certificate of publication issued at no extra charge.
Resubmission $10.00 Fee covers the re-reading (non-refundable labor) of resubmitted articles that must be rewritten for excessive spelling or grammar mistakes.
Tax $0 No sales taxes are required.


Take a Test

Read an article on CEEJ Free No fee to read articles published on CEEJ.
Take a Test $10.00 Fee is to process the test (non-refundable labor).  Passing includes a PDH certificate sent by mail.
Tax $0 No sales taxes are required.



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