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September, 2016

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Share  your knowledge and get Continuing Education Credit.

In most* states, publication earns 10 Professional Development Hours. 

That's only $5.00 per PDH when you publish with CEEJ!

Each Test is $10.00 and is worth one PDH, see the Article Library  for topics.

CEEJ (pronounced siege) Publishing is an e-publication that provides a speedy and economical means of meeting the  professional engineer's continuing education requirements. Earn your Professional Development Hours (PDH) at your leisure, without leaving town.


CEEJ Publishing gets you credit for your experience, knowledge and skills.  If you are like most engineers, you already spend considerable time keeping up with the state of the art of your discipline.  You also know the tried and true methods that work in your area of expertise.  Share your tips, tricks and cutting edge information with others and earn PDH credit. 


Our focus is to publish articles relating to the application of established engineering methods and analysis.  You are invited to submit your articles, reports, excerpts from your engineering standards or manuals, presentations, reviews of other continuing education courses, technology reviews, discussions, book reviews, extended abstracts, and the like.  


CEEJ Publishing also offers online testing for CE credit on most published articles.  CEEJ Publishing will maintain a record of your published articles and earned PDH credits for 3 years.  Articles are distributed via the internet and are free for anyone to read at anytime.  


Read our FAQs page to learn more about CEEJ Publishing or ask a question by email to: ceej@ceejpublishing.com.


     CEEJ Publishing Authors have successfully completed The Texas State Board Continuing Education Program Audit.  See The Texas Audit Letter for more information.


* Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon†, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming‡ allow 10 PDH for publication.  Publication earns 25 PDH in Tennessee, 30 PDH in New Hampshire, 4 PDH in Utah and 5 PDH in Louisiana and Missouri.   Alabama, and Arkansas allow actual time spent in preparation up to 10 PDH. Minnesota‍ allows actual time spent in preparation.  Sorry Nebraska and New York, you may not obtain CE credit by publishing on CEEJ Publishing.  As a means of acquiring additional revenue, five states, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, New York and North Carolina, require course sponsors to be pre-approved.  Except for the aforementioned New York, these states do not, to my knowledge, pre-approve publishers or journals.  Please see the FAQ's for additional information.


† Oregon allows credit for articles "appearing in a recognized professional or technical publication"  but does not define "recognized".

‡ Wyoming uses CPC units instead of PDH.

 ‍  "The Minnesota Board does not pre-approve courses and activities, however to the best of our knowledge this course/activity meets the continuing education requirements outlined in MN Statute 326.107. Final discretion is up to the Board."

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